Coupons To Troops LogoFounded in 2009, CouponsToTroops was created to help spread awareness that US military families who are stationed overseas can use coupons, up to 6 months past their expiration date.

The inspiration for our website came from a letter that appeared in Dear Abby’s advice column in February 2009. A reader had written in, saying that she had just begun couponing but every week there were so many more than her family could use so she was wondering what she could do with the extra coupons. Lesley, a moderator at HotCouponWorld.com , and the chairperson for her husband’s Marine Corps League’s overseas coupon project wasted no time in sending a letter of her own to Dear Abby, mentioning the 6 month expired policy on overseas bases. Imagine her glee when she received a phone call from Dear Abby’s people letting her know that her letter would be published in the column in early June. One phone call later, this time to Heidi and Julie, owners of HotCouponWorld and each a military spouse as well, and CouponsToTroops was born. Our website went live just days before the Dear Abby column was published in papers all over the country. Even though Lesley’s letter didn’t specifically mention CouponsToTroops by name, it didn’t take long at all for people to find our website and contact us, hoping that we could give them an address of an overseas family to mail their coupons directly to.

Based on the response those first few days, the focus of our site shifted slightly. In addition to spreading the word about the coupons being able to be used for 6 months past their expiration date, we began putting families and organizations here in the US in touch with families stationed overseas. Fast forward to the present and our list of overseas families continues to grow on a daily basis, and we’re proud that we’ve been able to provide such an easy way for Americans to show their support to all of the overseas military families in the CouponsToTroops database.

Whether you have extra and expired coupons to send or whether you are stationed overseas and interested in being on the receiving end, having coupons delivered right to your mailbox, we invite you to be a part of CouponsToTroops!