Helpful Tips – If you’re waiting for an email from us or your overseas family

Everyday we receive emails from people who are still waiting to hear from either us or from their new overseas family, so I wanted to offer a few hints and suggestions on what to do or what can be done.


1.  First and foremost ALWAYS check your spam folder.     Spam filters are notorious for seeing an email come from a foreign IP address and sending the email straight to your spam or junk folder.   Our match-up email contains a few helpful suggestions and includes a couple of links, which may cause our emails to be filtered as well.

2.  If you have been waiting for our initial email (containing the first name and country of your overseas family) for 10 days or more, (and there’s nothing in your spam folder), please  fill out our Contact Us form on our webpage (the recommended option) or email us at     Please note that the first and last weeks of each month are peak times for CouponsToTroops- as our blogging friends post reminders to their readers during those weeks, we receive a LOT of address requests so while we strive to respond within 48 hours, the wait time may be significantly longer.     (also please remember that this is a one-woman operation and between school activities, sports, Cub Scouts, PTA, Marine Corps League and sleep, some days are more productive than others!)

3.  If you have received our initial email, but have been waiting to hear from your overseas family for 4 days or more (and there’s nothing in your spam folder), please  fill out our Contact Us form on our webpage (the recommended option) or email us at   so that we can follow up with your family.   We will send your family (and you) a follow up email and from that point, your family will have 48 hours to resend their info to you.  If after those 48 hours you still have not heard from your family, please let us know and we can match you up again with a new family.

4.  Once you have heard from us and your overseas family, we recommend adding both  email addresses (ours and theirs) to your email Contact List (and your Safe Senders list, if your email program has that option).      Even with both email addresses added there, it’s a good idea to check your spam folders periodically, in case an email still gets filtered there.   Otherwise you might miss seeing an acknowledgement and a thank you fro packages received from your overseas family, or a status update email from us regarding your overseas family, if/when they notify us to have shipments stopped for any reason (most often because they’ll be moving back to the US and no longer need expired coupons.)

I hope these tips will help keep the email communications flowing smoothly for all of us involved with CouponsToTroops.


  1. rachell brummitt says:

    yes i fill out for a family and i have not recieved anything for a family yet that i seen.. i am hoping that i didnt over look it when clearing my email.. i already have my first batch of coupons to send and no family.. please help me help them.. thank you

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