Angela T

I love CTT.  I joined not long after we PCS’ed to Germany in 2011 and within two weeks I was matched up with a stateside family willing to send me their unwanted and expired coupons.  It takes a lot of work and dedication on Lesley’s part to not only answer all the emails but to also do all the match ups by herself.   I love getting coupons in the mail, its like christmas.  Even though I can print coupons online it doesnt compare to the savings I get with an actual coupon from the sunday paper.

When youre sending coupons to a single source that will then distribute the coupons to different bases and their commissaries overseas you run the risk of them either never making their destination or sitting in a huge box that no one ever looks through.  This way you know that you are sending them directly to a family that wants them and can appreciate the time and effort you put into sending them.