Nicole A.

CouponsToTroops has given my family an opportunity to save more money by using coupons. Being stationed overseas, we can use coupons past the expiration date printed on the coupon up to 6 months. This helps my family save money since we are a single income family. CouponsToTroops is the best page on facebook to sign up with to receive coupons while being stationed overseas. This site actually matches military families stationed overseas with stateside families who in return send their coupons directly to us (the military family). Other sites have been created like this one but it is only ran by a few people and the coupons are sent to one stateside location and then distributed to families overseas which results in the coupons hardly ever arriving to the families with time left over to use them which is why I LOVE CouponsToTroops. I have been matched up with multiple AWESOME families from CouponsToTroops and have received an envelope or box of coupons from each family at least once a month. Without the help of this site and the wonderful support of the people in the states signed up to send coupons, my family wouldn’t be able to save as much as we do each month on groceries and other household necessities. On average, I save anywhere from 25 to 50 % on my grocery bill depending on what I am purchasing. The coupons that I receive and don’t use personally, I always pass on to my other couponing friends. My family and friends are all very thankful towards this program.