I love being able to support our troops by sending them my expired coupons. Lesley, is great and so polite. I really like the fact that my coupons are not shipped to some random person and then mass mailed whenever they get to them, like some other programs do, but that I am matched up with a family directly and can mail straight to them. That way I know that my coupons are getting there as fast as they can and and are not going to expire (again)  before the families can use them.

—Heidi K.

CouponsToTroops has given my family an opportunity to save more money by using coupons. Being stationed overseas, we can use coupons past the expiration date printed on the coupon up to 6 months. This helps my family save money since we are a single income family. CouponsToTroops is the best page on facebook to sign up with to receive coupons while being stationed overseas. This site actually matches military families stationed overseas with stateside families who in return send their coupons directly to us (the military family). Other sites have been created like this one but it is only ran by a few people and the coupons are sent to one stateside location and then distributed to families overseas which results in the coupons hardly ever arriving to the families with time left over to use them which is why I LOVE CouponsToTroops. I have been matched up with multiple AWESOME families from CouponsToTroops and have received an envelope or box of coupons from each family at least once a month. Without the help of this site and the wonderful support of the people in the states signed up to send coupons, my family wouldn’t be able to save as much as we do each month on groceries and other household necessities. On average, I save anywhere from 25 to 50 % on my grocery bill depending on what I am purchasing. The coupons that I receive and don’t use personally, I always pass on to my other couponing friends. My family and friends are all very thankful towards this program.

—Nicole A.

Thank you Lesley for setting me up with wonderful families who send me coupons. Not only do they send me coupons, but they mail little toys/snacks/clothes for my daughter, too! I feel like my senders are just an extra branch of my extended family even though they are my “friendly strangers”. I love this program and will definatily become a “Sender” when my time is up in Guam. Thank you for all your hard work that you put into this group, it is by far the best group in order to receive coupons. Kudos to you and kudos to all the senders who help us living overseas live a bit more comfortably by helping us save.

—Jennifer N.

Thanks to CouponsToTroops, I regularly save 30% or more on my grocery bill! Living overseas can be expensive, but thanks to CTT, my grocery bill is not something I have to worry about! I appreciate all the work you do to save our military families’ money!

—Meggan M

CouponsToTroops is such a great program. Living overseas it is difficult to live on US dollars in an economy that is nearly twice that. Having coupons sent regularly makes such a huge difference in our quality of life! Lesley is great, and was very prompt at matching me up to receive coupons. I can’t wait to get to know the family that has adopted me!

—Colleen F

I love CTT.  I joined not long after we PCS’ed to Germany in 2011 and within two weeks I was matched up with a stateside family willing to send me their unwanted and expired coupons.  It takes a lot of work and dedication on Lesley’s part to not only answer all the emails but to also do all the match ups by herself.   I love getting coupons in the mail, its like christmas.  Even though I can print coupons online it doesnt compare to the savings I get with an actual coupon from the sunday paper.

When youre sending coupons to a single source that will then distribute the coupons to different bases and their commissaries overseas you run the risk of them either never making their destination or sitting in a huge box that no one ever looks through.  This way you know that you are sending them directly to a family that wants them and can appreciate the time and effort you put into sending them.

—Angela T

Our grocery bill would be devastating if it wasn’t for the coupons we receive from people back in the states. Thanks for doing all of this for us.

—Sarah L

CouponsToToops has truly exceeded my expectations! Each week our commissary and BX shopping trips yield tremendous savings due to the coupons sent our way. On average we’re saving $100 per month! This is a real blessing, especially when we have visitors in our home (while we are stationed overseas, our house is bustling with visitors from the States!) – we can treat them to kind hospitality and excellent meals with the money we have saved, without feeling financially strained. A huge thanks to all the volunteers helping us out!

—Andrea F