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April 13, 2020
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A Look at Different Military Branches and Their Careers

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What are the different types of military branches? The military branches are as follows: Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines. Sub divisions include, USCG, Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine National Guards. The USCG stands for the United States Coast Guard. Each branch has the same or similar rankings across the board.

From Trainee to General, each has a place within the military ranking, no matter which branch of service that you choose to enter, the admission process remains the same. Passing a physical and written test will get you admitted into the Armed Forces.

Why Are The Different Branches Named As They Are?

Well the Air Force covers the air, the Army the ground, the Navy the sea and the Marines are the first ones called in. There are also some categories in the military that have the same function. All branches of the Armed Forces have pilots. Each one has their own special operations or "Spec Ops" for short. Special operations within the military are not for the faint of heart.

These advanced divisions are for the "best of the best". Making a career in special operations is very demanding, but very gratifying. So the military branches have a lot of similarities in their formation. However, they also have some fundamental differences in the way that they operate and their basic training.

What Is The Difference?

The Marine Corps have the strictest and the most physical basic training out of all the branches of service. It is said that the Air Force is the easiest one as far as basic training. However any recruit that has been through basic training will tell you, basic training is rough no matter which branch you are in. The basic training of any branch of the service is rough and for good reason.

It is their job to break you and build you back into a killing machine that obeys orders. You have to be able to handle yourself in the nightmare of war. Things are a lot different when you are on a battlefield. You see things that change you even more, sometimes kill the feeling in your heart. If anyone thinks that war is only a game has not been on the battlefield and heard and seen the horrors of war. People's opinions radically change after being on a battlefield. They are forever changed.

What Branch Should I Serve In?

That is entirely up to you. Most people that enter the Armed Forces will make a career out of it. Most can retire in their 30's providing that a battle is not raging anywhere. If a battle is raging somewhere, then the age is significantly higher. If you want the sea, go with the Navy.

If you want to be in the air, all four branches offer pilot training. However you must be a college graduate to be able to pursue the pilot training. That is mandatory. If excitement and being the first in line appeals to you, join the Marines. If you want to be on the ground, choose the Army.

There is always the opportunity to advance as high as general. This takes a lifetime of staying in the military. Most will stay in the military as long as they are alive. That phenomenon is here to stay.

How Long Does It Take To Advance?

That factor is entirely dependant upon the branch of service that you are in and time served. Other things include: being able to pass a written and physical test in order to get the next rank.

They will also look at your record and decide if you are worthy of the rank, or if you have had so many busting downs that it is not appropriate to even promote you to the next rank. What is meant by "busting down" or losing a stripe" is this: It means that you have had disciplinary action taken against you that removes you from your current rank to one below it. This can really hurt you at promotion time. So think about it the next time that you go carousing out on the town.

Your actions will be held accountable and you will be held accountable for your actions. This will definitely be held against you, so don't even think about getting a blot on your record. This record is rarely expunged and will stay with you throughout life. An employer wants to hire you, knows that you are ex military and goes through your record. Imagine the shock when he finds black marks against you on your record.


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