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August 12, 2020
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Don't be Jealous of my Ultimate Garage

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I have no idea what the ultimate garage means to you, but I suspect that most people don't have the perfect garage that they like to dream about. It's an evolution of sorts. Let's think about this for a minute: when you don't have a garage at all, it's just nice to think of having some place that is enclosed. You know, somewhere to keep your car and stuff (in my case, just the stuff). When you get a small garage you want a bigger one. When you have a bigger one, you want one that has cabinets and storage bins. See how this is going?

Now I don't have the ultimate garage right now, but at least I have shelves and enough room for bikes, tools, Christmas boxes, the motorcycle and the other stuff. I dream - maybe someday I'll have a garage with tons of built-in storage cabinets, drywall, a special epoxy coated fancy floor, lots of florescent lights and enough room to store cars, boats, toys, and the stuff. Wouldn't that be nice.

The other night as I was driving down the street to my house and noticed a neighbor out in his garage doing who-knows-what. He had what I would call the ultimate garage. I couldn't help but admire it as I drove past. I started to feel a little jealous. I didn't see any cluttered piles of stuff. How do some people do it? There were no bikes fallen over or leaning against anything else. They were neatly hung on one wall. There were no loose basketballs and soccer balls rolling around on the floor. Oh no, those were in a bin attached to the wall. Military straight! And of course the walls were drywalled. But I consoled myself a little bit on this point. At least, I thought, in my garage when I want to hang an extension cord or something else, I don't have to wonder if the nail is going to hit a stud. I can see them clearly before me! Lucky me, eh? Right. Then I noticed the lighting. Man, how would it be to actually see what you're doing? I was starting to feel jealous again.

As I drove on I found myself continuing to think about that guy's ultimate garage space. I wondered if it was maybe something cosmic and unknown that allowed his garage to be a place of organization and well-lit space, while my humble little garage was just happy to not be a carport. At least it has an electric garage door opener. Hey, don't laugh, some doors actually have to be opened manually. I know. So anyway, I took consolation in that. But seriously, I wondered if it just took a certain type of person to have such a great garage. I don't feel like a genetic reject, but I just can't seem to get the garage like I really want it. Oh well, maybe it's just an evolutionary thing and I just need to keep on keepin' on.

So, I pulled the truck up in front of my garage, put it in park, and sat there staring at my closed garage door. I just sat there feeling sick and tired of not being able to put my vehicle inside the garage. So, this weekend I am resolved to go to the hardware store and buy drywall, paint, storage bins, and lights. After I get all that in I'm going to coat the concrete with something fancy and get some cabinets installed. Oh yeah, I feel an evolutionary leap coming on. When I'm done I hope I make someone else jealous with my ultimate garage, but in a good way!


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