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October 10, 2020
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How to Become a Police Officer

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What do I need to know about becoming a police officer? There are a lot of things to consider when thinking about becoming a police officer. First you need to take courses in math, science and computer applications. Graduate with a good solid GPA. If you are post high school, you will need to go to tech school and take many law enforcement courses. Another thing to consider is the joining and serving in the military. Two or more years will give you the experience needed to apply. Keeping your record clean and yourself free from drugs is paramount. Passing a lie detector and drug screen is also required. You will also need to talk to a senior officer about getting hired.

Aren't There Specialty Schools For Police Officers?

Yes there are, but to gain entry into one, you must be accepted to the police force. There are courses at technical college and special colleges as well that will aid you in getting prepared. This is also dependent on where you want to be as far as a police officer is concerned. If you want to be State or Highway, then there are additional things that you must do in order to be considered for employment with a police force as a police officer. Each division of the police force has their own requirements for acceptance into the police force.

What about Fitness Tests?

There are indeed many fitness requirements to become a police officer. Being physically fit is a requirement for all police officers. Police officers have a very physical job, and being able to handle all the physical requirements is a must in order to be hired for the job. You must be physically fit to apply for any police officer job, and be assured that they will test you to determine your fitness for the job. If you are found wanting, then they will not hire you. This requirement is set in stone. There is no way around it.

Are There Any Other Courses That I Can Take?

Yes, there are other courses that you can take. Most Criminal Justice classes will have a basic knowledge of the Criminal Justice system. This will also help you to understand what it is that is required for law enforcement. Most colleges and technical schools have these types of courses and you will need to meet enrollment requirements for the school that you want to go to.

Getting and keeping at least a B average will also help you with employment on a police force. Keeping your grades up will help you a great deal when applying to be a police officer. In any schooling situation, good grades and attendance are paramount to getting more than a passing glance when it comes time to apply for the police force. Education is the main driving force because the more education and the higher grades that you can maintain will help you very much when it comes to filling out applications for being a police officer with any police department across the nation.

What If I Have A Record?

Depending on the type of record that you have, then being a police officer may be out of reach. If you have a felony, then forget about being a police officer. The rules are very strict on this one statement. Any police department wants someone that does not have a police record. They usually take it on a case by case basis, but certain felonies such as drug dealing or stalking are considered a no hire by all police departments. If you have such a felony on record, you will not be eligible for hire as a police officer.

So, Keeping Myself Clean Helps?

Yes it does. Having a clear and clean record is a big help when it comes time for hiring new police officers. Most hiring is done by senior officers. They will look at everything, including a psychological profile, in order to determine who the best hire for that particular police department is. This is a final matter in hiring. If you want to increase your chances of being hired as a police officer, then keep yourself clean, stay in school and don't break the laws. This won't guarantee you being hired, but will give you a fighting chance to find a place in the police force. Being physically fit will also give you an edge in the candidate pool. Being mentally sharp will also go a long way to help you in your pursuit of a law enforcement career.


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