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May 23, 2020
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Benefits of Steel Buildings and Military Use

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Although steel structures began popping up in the early 20th century, the largest surge in steel building construction occurred during World War II when airplane hangars made out of steel were constructed for the military.

It was around the same time that Quonset huts were emerging and tens of thousands of them were being made because they could be assembled by hand tools and easily taken apart if a move was necessary. They didn't look very nice nor did they offer a high degree of protection while soldiers were using them as bunkers.

However, the companies that were building steel buildings made their case post World War II when they stated that steel buildings were cheap and quick to put together. They were no more attractive than the Quonset huts, but what they did do was offer better protection for what was inside of them, which is what was most important.

However, it was many years later when steel buildings began being used more widely in the military and through time have proven to be an inexpensive way for the government to protect many of their important investments. These investments include vehicles, planes, supplies, and even the soldiers themselves.

As stated before, airplane hangars were being made during World War II for the military and military airplane hangars are still made of steel today. Steel buildings are also used to house military vehicles when they are not in use or double as garages for those vehicles that need a little maintenance now and then.

The buildings provide the vehicles with a certain degree of protection that they wouldn't have otherwise in case the area were to come under attack. The steel buildings also protect the soldiers inside of them. Although it isn't impossible for damage to occur to an airplane hangar or a storage facility for vehicles, the certain degree of protection that the buildings offer give the soldiers a longer window of time to react to an attack.

Nevertheless, there are more uses for steel buildings than just housing vehicles. They are also used as training facilities for soldiers in order for training operations to be kept private the way they should be.

These buildings can be erected anywhere training needs to take place whether it is here in the states or in the deserts of Iraq. There are also the smaller steel buildings that are used as offices out in the field. They are easy to transport and they are secure. They also offer a degree of protection in case the area in which the office is located is under attack. These buildings have also been known to double as storage buildings.

It seems like the possibilities are more or less endless. The buildings can be used to store supplies or even be used as bunkers. In World War II, soldiers were using Quonset huts, but today soldiers are using steel buildings that offer a considerably higher degree of protection and are very versatile in their uses. They may not look pretty, but they don't have to when they are as strong and durable as they are and have the ability to save lives.

Our soldiers are such incredible assets to us because they are our fathers, our mothers, brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, nephews, friends, best friends, neighbors, boyfriends, girlfriends, fiances, husbands and wives.

That is why it is important that such tools as steel buildings be used on the battlefields in order to protect those things most precious to us. By using something as simple as a steel building, there is a possibility that our own personal soldier would not be coming home otherwise.


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